Do Online Mistakes Really Matter?

Countless brands and organisations have made online blunders in recent years, whether it’s been revealing sensitive data or making a Twitter faux pas. But do you think any less of the company after it’s messed up?A few weeks ago Sony’s PlayStation Network experienced an unknown outage. However, the people at Sony were soon forced to reveal in a blog post that “intruders” had actually 

03 May 2011 15:00 GMT

How to Protect Your Gadgets from Kids

From my experience of lots of little cousins and a five year old sister, I’ve learnt that children are like magpies in the sense they gravitate towards anything shiny, particularly if it’s a fancy piece of technology your life depends on and it has a pretty hefty price tag.

29 Apr 2011 19:28 GMT

Is Apple Really Playing Big Brother?

Like something out of Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, earlier this week the media went crazy  the fact that Apple has been keeping tabs on our whereabouts. Yes it seems a bit sneaky, but is it really such a big deal?On Wednesday UK media outlet The Guardian revealed details that Apple ...

22 Apr 2011 14:50 GMT

How Can We Make Online Dating Safer?

Should dating sites screen their users in an attempt to avoid future incidents?There was a time when online dating sites were only considered to be used by the most desperate of singletons, but in recent years Internet dating has become an extremely popular phenomenon, with 1 in 5 people in a recent survey admitting they’ve been on a date with someone in real life that they met online.

19 Apr 2011 14:00 GMT

Can an App Cure an Illness?

There’s recently been a rise in the development of apps that can help to cure various illnesses, keep a track of our health or monitor our recovery, which makes perfect sense if you consider just how much of the world’s population now has a mobile device at hand.Around 29,000 children die every day from illnesses that are largely curable if they only had access to the medicine and care they so desperately needed at the time.

15 Apr 2011 14:30 GMT

Can Avatars Change Our Behaviour?

The little doppelgangers we use to play games, talk to people online and dance around on the Wii could be affecting us a lot more than we think…An avatar is a visual representation of yourself that can then be used in online and virtual environments. Whether you decide to create an avatar that looks exactly like you, tweak its features a little or fashion a whole new appearance and ethnicity, it’s essentially just you online.

12 Apr 2011 08:00 GMT

Our Favourite Travel Apps

Today’s list of travel applications will reveal the glamorous hidden gems in cities you’ve never been to, help you clock up redeemable “air miles” oh and find the nearest toilet wherever in the world you happen to be…Louis Vuitton – Amble AppLuxury luggage and fancy items brand Louis Vuitton ...

08 Apr 2011 08:27 GMT

Conflict Minerals and Our Technology

Recent media attention means that most people are well aware of the harrowing and violent issues surrounding conflict or blood diamonds. However, there are many other minerals that are mined in the same areas and a large amount of these are used in some of our favourite tech products - from smart phones to desktop computers.

05 Apr 2011 12:00 GMT

Bambuser: The Live Video Streaming App

Whether it’s a funny holiday moment or a heated protest, Bambuser allows you to record, live stream, share and save video content with a quick click of the big red button.Bambuser is an app and an online service that allows you to stream, share and save any kind of video content whether you’re using a phone or a webcam.

01 Apr 2011 08:25 GMT

Make the Most of Your Commute

If you’ve got a long commute and a busy schedule, there are ways you can make the most of the journey…Get a MiFiIf you must have Internet access on your daily commute, then consider getting a MiFi. It’s basically a super compact wireless router that fits in the palm of your hand, making it ideal for...

29 Mar 2011 15:44 GMT

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