Online Dating 101: Don't Be a Moron

While I was working out at the gym (one of the six times this year I will be able to make that statement), I was reading an article in Marie Claire written by a woman who had dated a guy online for two years – without ever meeting him.  Two years! What??!!  I can understand maybe two weeks, or even two months if you’re going through a desperate period in your life, but two years is bordering on insanity.   

10 Aug 2008 15:00 GMT

Hide & Seek at The Big Chill: Which Location-Based Service is Best?

I’ve just arrived back into the real world after spending 5 days at The Big Chill. A place where I no longer have to re-mortgage my flat to buy a bottle of wine, there isn’t a half hour queue to have a shower, and most importantly - mobile signal is bountiful. 

09 Aug 2008 16:25 GMT

Ten Commandements: Being a Geeky Girl in Geek Guy World

When thinking “geek girl” it’s doubtful that phrase conjures up the female equivalent of Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Gary Gygax, Steven Hawking or other brilliant geeks involved in technology, science, math and general culture. Despite huge in-roads having being made by women who identify as geeky  – we true geek girls, a minority, are either thought of as lollipop sucking, bespectacled, Catholic school girl uniform wearing sex kittens; or, as undesirable, a-sexual brainiac versions ...

08 Aug 2008 16:02 GMT

This Week's Tech Buzz: Delicious Rumours, New Gadgets & O! The Apple Drama

Here is your weekly BitchBuzz Tech roundup of what's hot in tech this week, including the biggest stories, best releases, and juiciest rumors. Sorry PC users, no hot stories for you this week... Nerd Squee: Fun Stories and Delicious Rumors *A team at MIT was working on a $12 computer made from an old Appl...

08 Aug 2008 13:41 GMT

The Laptop Bag of My Dreams: The Moby Messenger Bag from Pear

I have been lusting after these Moby Messenger Bags from Pear for months now. Each magnificently designed bag has six differently sized pockets, comes with its own brooch and even comes with a nifty little purse to stash phone and iPod in so you don’t have to carry a handbag. Measuring 14 x 11 and 3 inches deep, the Moby Messenger Bag fits most standard size laptops, which means you can finally stop lugging Your Precious around in that Jansport backpack you’ve been sporting since high...

07 Aug 2008 15:27 GMT

BitchBuzz Beta Review: Is Bedpost Just a Glorified Calendar?

Finally! A 2.0 site that isn't about bringing you closer to people you've been working hard to forget for ten years, isn't totally boring and doesn't want to induct me into the GTD cult. Naturally, it has to do with sex. It's a new site called Bedpost that allows you to track how much sex you are having, or in some cases, how much you are not having.

07 Aug 2008 11:15 GMT

Feminism and Building a Bridge, or Who Cares if I Look Slutty in this Dress?

There is a point when talking about feminism that it’s clear the parties involved mean totally different things. There’s the ‘70s era, “burn that bra feminism” of women in their sixties, which, in turn, evolved into the “have kids later/work if you want to” and “have a real career” feminism of the eighties. Then that careened into the ‘Why am I so tired?’ and “Is this all there is?” feminism of the Bush-era nineties. And now, women are faced with the third wave the “I am going to be...

07 Aug 2008 10:59 GMT

The Top 5 iPhone Apps You'll Actually Use

The dork-osphere went all a-flutter 2 weeks ago when not only was a new iPhone thrust out into the world (and three weeks later, you may actually be able to get one), but a new release of iPhone's software was released. A few major improvements were made, notably GPS on the iPhone and the opening of the iTunes Application store.

06 Aug 2008 19:45 GMT

From Insult to Acronym: How I'm Taking Back a Word and Sticking it to...

If you've spent any time in the technology realm - and even if you haven't - you're probably aware of the murky alphabet soup that pervades much of geekdom.  So when I sat down to contemplate my inaugural contribution to BitchBuzz I found myself amused to recall a particular acronym that relates quite well to this site - and frankly to the very nature of what I think it m...

06 Aug 2008 19:00 GMT

Gadget Lust: The Nintendo DS Lite (and not just in pink)

I know what you're thinking.  That's not a gadget, that's a kids' toy!  But hear me out on this.  Nintendo isn't just for your crazy gamer boyfriend and adolescent nieces and nephews anymore.  Trust me, I'm not even what most folks would consider a gamer, but I love my Nintendo DS Lite.

06 Aug 2008 17:00 GMT

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