Cybher: The Power of Women Blogging

This weekend was the first Cybher conference, the first event of its kind for female bloggers in the UK. Here's my take on what was on offer, and why you should go given half a chance.I ummed and ahhed over Cybher a little bit. On the one hand, I loved the idea of a conference dedicated to female bloggers that wasn't targetted at a particular group, such as mums - and that welcomed men as both speakers and attendees ...

14 May 2012 08:17 GMT

Win a Chauffeur & Selfridges Vouchers with HP

Would you like a driver for the day? £100 to spend at at Selfridges and a super swish meal for you and a friend? Well, you've definitely come to the right place.Our lovely friends at HP are offering you the chance to win the perfect day out in London with the HP Envy 14 Spectre Ultrabook this Saturday. To celebrate the launch of the stunning new glass-topped Ultrabook, HP is offering a chauffeur driven executive car for the day (Saturday, 21 April) complete with a buil...

17 Apr 2012 11:10 GMT

After Instagram, Meet Cinemagram

The arrival of Instagram for Android may well be the highlight of my year so far. No more making do with Retro Camera or nicking my husband’s iPhone to take a picture of that really pretty leaf.

10 Apr 2012 08:42 GMT

Booktype: Simplifying the Publication Process

In the midst of the ebook revolution, there's still a lot of tedious manual labour required to reformat print books into digital form. Even when creating digital content directly, people tend to use word processing programs and then convert them to ebook form via secondary and even tertiary programs. There's a new program designed to simplify the publication process to both print and digital formats.

08 Mar 2012 16:11 GMT

Spring-Themed Accessories for Your Gadgets

Over here in London, the flowers have started to bloom and the temperature is jumping into the double digits! Whilst we don't want to jinx it, it's safe to say spring has sprung a tad early, so whilst we all begin scour our closets for floaty dresses and sunglasses, why not consider some spring-themed accessories to spruce up your techie devices, too? 

02 Mar 2012 10:36 GMT

Should You Care About the Playstation Vita?

Sony's long-awaited handheld gaming device the "PlayStation Vita" was launched in Europe this week, which includes a stunning 5-inch OLED display, front-and-rear VGA cameras, amazing graphics, a quad-core processor and touch screen capabilities.But with tablets, smartphones and teeny-tiny ultrabooks already filling up our handbags - should we really care about the PlayStation Vita? Are the poor sales of the Nintendo 3DS a signifier that handheld gaming devices a thing of the past, or c...

27 Feb 2012 09:18 GMT

What Your Facebook Profile Says About You

Mashable this week trumpeted a study that showed a surprisingly strong correlation between your Facebook profile and future job performance. The study reflects the growing interest in the practical application of social media. People of course use social media to promote their work or their organizations, but many also use it for networking in more nebulous ways. It's no surprise that dissecting wh...

23 Feb 2012 13:04 GMT

The [Digital] Revolution Will Be Gendered

Someone on Facebook shared a link to a film that looked like it hit directly at the conundrum of the digital age: suddenly the world has opened up to a lot more people who can share their creations with a much wider audience than ever before. A film no longer requires a torturous studio system of development hell and artistic interference; just kickstart and go.

09 Feb 2012 10:36 GMT

Why Pinterest's Popularity Has Exploded

In the past few months, the online pinboard and image sharing site “Pinterest” has exploded in popularity. According to TechCrunch, Pinterest saw a 2000% increase in pageviews in November 2011, a phenomenal statistic which highlights just how rapidly Pinterest has been growing lately, and how it's taken center stage...

06 Feb 2012 13:20 GMT

The New Social Gaming Network “Fitocracy”

Online social gaming has been all the rage lately. Honestly, I can't keep up with the sheer amount of game requests that clog up my Facebook feed every single day, thanks in part to a lovely mum who is completely obsessed with 'The Sims Social'. There's no denying that we're absolutely in love with badges, points and levelling up on our various chosen platforms. From Foursquare mayorships to Farmville victories; tiny little accomplishments can make us feel good. 

30 Jan 2012 15:00 GMT

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