Review: HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio

One of the best gadgets I’ve had the pleasure of testing out this year has been the HTC Sensation XL with Beats Audio on Three. It’s a mouthful to say and a bit awkward to hold - but the phone is undeniably slick. I’d even go so far to say it’s one of the best phones out there for music geeks , as you simply cannot go wrong with Beats....

23 Dec 2011 15:00 GMT

Celebs Need to Take Online Security Seriously

There will be a lot of Little Monsters feeling less than festive this morning, after an online phishing scam fooled over 100,000 Lady Gaga fans.Posts on the singer’s Twitter and Facebook pages offered fans a chance to win a “Lady Gaga Edition iPad”. They were then asked to click on a link ...

20 Dec 2011 15:02 GMT

De-Clutter Your Digital Existence

As a gadget loving girl & web designer, I'm often the first person to adopt new technologies & social media channels. I jump onboard and never look back. I love how open, connected and awesome our world has become as a result of the ever-changing web & our mobile devices. I can't imagine my life without having everything I need or want at my fingertips. It's easy to communicate, it's easy to network, and it's also easy to get completely overwhelmed...or addicted.

19 Dec 2011 14:03 GMT

Social Media will Either Kill or Save You

With news that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has taken to Facebook to try to address the skepticism of its citizens (with the predictable results: a few thousand apparent likes and more than four times that number of skeptical comments), one might be inclined to think that here's a good indication of the importance of social media. The titular head of the authoritaria...

15 Dec 2011 12:18 GMT

Is Luluvise Good for Female Entrepreneurship?

As I've said countless times before, we need more women in technology. (Wait! Don’t go!) We need more female entrepreneurs, we need more women working at start-ups and companies for many, many reasons.

14 Dec 2011 14:19 GMT

Top Tips to Help Your Technophobic Relatives

Christmas is upon us, which means many of us will be headed back to our older relatives homes for a visit, right? Now, perhaps your parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles or loved ones have their finger on the pulse when it comes to the internet, gadgets & mobiles. In which case, this article might be a bit irrelevant to you, my friend. This is for folks who've got parents or relatives like mine: they're desperately behind the times when it comes to everything tech. My mum still cons...

13 Dec 2011 12:30 GMT

Ideal Gifts for Geeky Ladies

Christmas and the holiday season are the perfect times to get everyone else to buy your techy, slightly more expensive geek gifts for you. Am I right?If you love nothing more than spending Christmas morning charging, reading the directions for and setting up a shiny new gadget, I’ve got a handful of perfect things to add to your wish list, or to buy for the geeky lady in your life.

05 Dec 2011 13:00 GMT

The Angry Birds 'Bad Piggies Egg Recipes' Book

Everyone loves Angry Birds. From the young to the old, the first few bars of the theme tune make everyone happy and the act of thrusting hot-tempered birds through wood, glass and cement in effort to knock over egg-stealing pigs thrills the masses. Who knew. Angry Birds is everywhere - even space - and Rovio have expanded their winged empire from plush toys and ke...

30 Nov 2011 16:00 GMT

Little Printer: Printing Snippets of Online Info

These days everything is making the move to a paperless, completely digital way of life - everything from books to maps to newspapers.But, every now and again, we hear about some new product that proves that there is still a "paper" gap that needs to be filled.  We've seen this with the re-invention of Poloroid and even by 

29 Nov 2011 17:17 GMT

This Week in Online Harassment

Speaking out about online harassment constitutes "over-reacting" for some. So how far does it have to go before it becomes worth bothering about?In recent weeks the long-running debate about the way women are treated online has finally hit the news, with bloggers, journalists and public figures from numerous countries weighing in on how much of a problem it is. 

23 Nov 2011 14:00 GMT

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