Don't Panic! It's Just a Bit of Spam

There was a flurry of questionable activity all over Facebook in recent days. Let me rephrase that: there was an added flurry of questionable activity over on Facebook. It may have been related to Anonymous' claims to "takedown" the social media giant, but what happened was in large part due to Facebook's own rushed and slipshod programming of new and 'better'...

17 Nov 2011 15:38 GMT

Eden Full: The 19-year-old Scientist & Entrepreneur

At the incredibly young age of 19, Calgary's Eden Full has vowed to disrupt the solar science industry.While most people her age are busy buying booze with fake IDs, catching STDs and spending their Friday nights crying to Taylor Swift on their iPhones, Full has created her own solar technology, the Sun Saluter, which has provided electricity for two villages i...

15 Nov 2011 09:48 GMT

The Touchscreen-Friendly SmarTouch Gloves

The air is crisp in London, it’s been snowing in New York, and it’s pitch black at 5pm again. All of this, of course, means that winter is once again on its way. Hurrah.Many of you will no doubt revel in having to wear hats, scarves and gloves again, but there is a problem. While gloves are great, they're not-so-great for when you want to wear giant cocktail rings, pick your nose, itch your face, pick a penny up off the ground, touch yourself, eat, or update Twitter whilst wa...

02 Nov 2011 17:00 GMT

YouTube's New Original Content Channels

In an attempt for Google to achieve its goal of being the next big television provider, YouTube has announced that it's launch a variety of new channels, all featuring original content.The channels will be produced by celebrities and well-known content producers, as well as media companies such as Reutuers, Slate and The Wall Streeet Journal. As the channels are positioning YouTube to be a challenger to TV, ...

31 Oct 2011 17:48 GMT

Rethink Breast Cancer's "Your Man Reminder" App

Canadian charity Rethink Breast Cancer is an organization that brings “bold, relevant awareness to the under-40 crowd”, and their new Your Man Reminder app is definitely aimed at the younger ladies.

26 Oct 2011 17:57 GMT

Make an iPad-Friendly eBook with Blurb

The lovely Vikki Chowney showed us just how nifty creating an Blurb book out of your Instagram photos was, and now you can make gorgeous eBooks that can be viewed on your iPad, too.

25 Oct 2011 16:38 GMT

5 Twitter Rules to Stop Breaking at Once!

If you’re on Twitter - which you no doubt are - you know it’s very easy to get annoyed with people. Sometimes your feed can be a sea of hashtags, links, and RTs from people you don’t know or care about. Other times it can be absolutely brilliant. Despite top ten lists, ranty tweets and and numerous articles being published on Twitter Etiquette, it wou...

24 Oct 2011 14:45 GMT A Social Network that Pays You to Post

Making money from the internet looks pretty easy.You just have to sell stuff on eBay, or have ads on your site. Maybe just add a bit of pre-roll to your videos and add those textual advertisements on every other word of your blog. It’s easy. And now, it’s apparently going to get even easier! Meet, a social network that is promising to pay 50 percent of the revenue it earns from selling advertising on your profile page.

18 Oct 2011 18:07 GMT

Lady Gaga vs Moshi Monsters' "Lady Goo Goo"

While 50 million users world wide may love the online game Moshi Monsters, it would appear that Lady Gaga is not one of them. Gaga flexed her legal muscle and has won an injunction against Mind Candy, the company behind Moshi Monsters, to stop their Gaga-inspired character Lady Goo Goo from releasing a single.

17 Oct 2011 12:03 GMT

Have we Crossed the Line with Kids & Tech?

While I am all for children using technology, I wonder if there is a line that we’ve crossed somewhere.I’ve had numerous conversations with people about their children using their gadgets. Toddlers and babies love the iPad. I’ve watched with my own eyes children barely older than 2-years-old happily navigating around an iPad and, by memory, locating their favourite games and applications. From Angry Birds to an episode of The Night Garden, they know how to find it. And turn th...

14 Oct 2011 18:00 GMT

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