Regret, Weaves & Hot Dates: 3 Must-Read Websites

By Cate Sevilla

The Internet has become a sea of crap. 

While it’s great that so many people fancy themselves designers, bloggers, programmers and all around Social Media Gurus – the amount of quality content to sit around and be entertained by when you’re meant to be working has decreased.


The past couple of weeks, BitchBuzz’s readers and fans have brought our attention to a number of truly fantastic, entertaining reads.


1) Regretsy

How many times have you gone on Etsy to buy some vagina earrings and been completely horrified by what you’ve found in your search results? A lot of Etsy sellers forget that just because they can make something, doesn’t necessarily mean that they should. Case in point? The childbirth doll that we featured earlier this year, which is currently on Regretsy’s homepage.

Some of our other favourites are the masturbating dinosaur wall art, the corn poo soap, and the crocheted toilet paper roll. (The headline for that story on Regretsy is “Shit one, pearl two.” Never mind that being for knitting, and not crocheting, it’s funny.)

2) Girl You Lost Your Weave

Girl You Lost Your Weave

Ever been walking down the street, noticed a big of weave on the ground and thought to yourself, “Damn. Something bad must have happened.”

This is what this blog is all about. Girl You Lost Your Weave feature “lost weaves, wigs, hairpieces and extensions” from all around the St Louis area in the States. In the gutter, in fields, on the side of the road, and even in busy intersections, girls are losin’ their fake hair left and right in St Louis. At least now there’s somewhere to go to see if:

a) You did in fact lose your weave, and are wondering where it went

b) You have a great photo of an abandoned bit of synthetic hair, and are dying to share it with a group of people who will appreciate it.

3) No First Date

No First Date

This website is so amazing, it hurts to read too much of it in one go, because you feel as if you might burst a kidney or something from laughing so hard.

No First Date describes itself as being: “What happens when a 28 year old guy makes a profile of a hot girl on a free dating site? A bunch of WTF.”

At first I was like, oh whatever, we all know dating sites (especially free ones) attract that psychos. Except the guy running the website acts like a bit of a psycho, and it’s amazing the responses he (er, well technically “she”) gets. 

My favorite exchange is from a conversation where a guy messaged our dude using the “hot girl” profile picture and simply said hello. Our “hot girl” writes back and says “You seem like a sweet guy but I’m not sure we’re a good match.”

When the poor guy asks why not, she sends him this:

The Sketch on No First Date

Amazing, right?

If you’re tired of FML and looking at cute kittens over at Cute Overload isn’t doing it for you, No First Date definitely will.

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Hey thanks for mentioning my Corn Poo Soap!

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