'Twitter for Good' by Claire Diaz Ortiz

By Cate Sevilla

If you’ve paid any attention to the likes of Twestival, how Twitter can help in times of crisis, or even if you just need to find a good restaurant nearby, you know that Twitter can use its powers for good. (We’ll ignore all of the spamming, phishing and trolls for now.)

To help us all make the most of the good that Twitter can do, Claire Diaz Ortiz has written a book called Twitter for Good: Change the World One Tweet at a Time, with a foreward written by Twitter founder Biz Stone.

Diaz Ortiz works as the head of corporate social innovation and philanthropy for Twitter, and has a long list of incredibly impressive qualifications and accomplishments, as well as being the co-founder of Hope Runs, a non-profit organization operating in AIDS orphanages in East Africa. (Basically, she could easily make you feel bad about your life, but she’s too giving and charitable that. But she could if she wanted to.)

For many reasons, Twitter can be quite overwhelming for businesses. Never mind changing the world, figuring out how to use it as a brand or corporation can he hard enough as it is. Then, if they want to do something charitable or life changing/saving, figuring out how to go about it can be damn near impossible. (Which would explain why so many over-paid Social Media Gurus exist in the first place.) Thankfully, in Twitter for Good Diaz Ortiz sets out to simply explain how businesses, regardless of size, can help change the world through Twitter.

She does this throughout what she calls the T.W.E.E.T Framework:

T = Target: You can’t get anywhere on Twitter if you don’t have a target (or goal). The most common goals on Twitter can be achieved through one of three types of accounts—the Information Account, the Personalized Account, and the Fundraising Account (otherwise known as “The Direct Ask Account”)—all of which I describe in detail in the book.

W = Write: It’s time to send your first Tweet, whatever it may be. Now send your second. Stop editing yourself and let it flow. Do it like Kanye to really win.

E = Engage: Unless you’re Kanye, the world won’t come running the second you send your first Tweet. Engage with others to get them to see you, listen to you, and interact with you. From hashtags to @replies, Twitter offers tons of tools to help you do so

E = Explore: Reach outside yourself to expand your world. Search for your interests. Search for your name and brand. And search for new influencers. Twitter is about relationships, and it’s time to start building them

T = Track: You won’t know if you’ve met your target unless you’re tracking it. Are you?

The Evening Standard quipped that if Twitter “truly believed” in its business model they shouldn’t have opted to publish their knowledge in “the most old-fashined of formats, paper” - inviting Diaz Ortiz and Biz Stone to tweet them a response. To be fair, it is available on Kindle, and what were they supposed to do? Tweet the whole fecking book, “one Tweet at a time”? I think this book will make a difference - on paper or otherwise - and will come as a greatly appreciated offering for many businesses out there who do, indeed, want to use Twitter for good.

Tweet for Good is available from Amazon.com for $15.96 or Amazon.co.uk £11.89

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